How to Develop an Enticing Research Paper

Many students fail to deliver winning pieces because they do not understand how to write an intriguing piece. Do not be that student who rushes through your paper without giving it enough time. Writing a captivating piece requires several aspects. Below are some of the things that you must do to write a captivating piece.


One of the essential aspects of a quality research paper is the research done. Besides, you also have to know your topic before writing your research paper. The reason why you have to do extensive research is because once you start writing, you cannot change the topic when writing because it will show in your report. Also, completing the research before commencing writing is the best.

Here are some of the questions you must answer to know what your study will entail. Know the word count because it determines the extent of the information you shall include in your research paper.

  1. Know the type of research you are doing. Researching your paper gives you a clue on what to write in the report.
  2. Make an outline of the content you have acquired. The outline enables you to do the research with ease.
  3. Writing the report is the most important step. Revise your work to make sure you have done all that required.

Begin writing your research paper as early as possible because it is the first step on how to produce a comprehensive paper. Many students make the mistake of starting writing the paper after completing their first outline. Writing an outline is essential, but the first step is to get started.

 Place your keywords in the title page to cater to your readers. Have a cover page to give a brief account of your name and the student’s name. Highlight the areas of focus and other important info that will provide value to the reader. The cover page also tells the reader who you are and who your research is for.

 Compose a good abstract. Provide brief information about your study. The abstract gives the reader more information about the entire study. The abstract should be longer than 300 words and specific to your research paper. However, it should not exceed three paragraphs if it includes more than three topics. The abstract summarizes the main points of your study.

Compose an introduction. The introduction is part of your writing, where you introduce the research paper. It provides a brief background of the reader about the study. It also gives the meaning of your research questions. It also includes the study designs, materials and methods used in the study. It also gives a reason why you think your research is significant. Do not forget to give a thesis statement.

The body is the main section of the research paper. It is divided into sub-sections because each section contains a different point. It is vital to provide evidence that backs your main points in the body. The body also contains citations and other supportive material.

Conclude your research paper by summing up your main points and restating your thesis. It shows the reader your conclusion. It also tells them whether the conclusion is right or wrong and why. 

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