Many believe that in the introduction, you can write your thoughts as if in a book and smoothly lead to the main point and ask about order essay online . Forget this nonsense forever! The introduction of the head and members of the commission with your work begins with the introduction. That is why it is extremely important to approach this part of the work as accurately as possible.

From the introduction it should be clear for what purpose the thesis was written, what problems it covers, and also what methods of solving these problems are planned to be used. Simply put, it is for this part that the theoretical and practical significance of the thesis will be assessed, and you can look at an example of such an introduction just below.

How to write an introduction to the thesis: studying the structure

Whatever the characteristics of each educational institution, the structure of the introduction will always be the same.

So, in this part of the work will always be:

  • relevance of the thesis;
  • the purpose and objectives of the graduation project;
  • familiarity with the object and subject of study;
  • enumeration of the methodological foundations of the study;
  • description of the scientific and practical significance of qualifying work;
  • research hypothesis.

Before starting work, you should definitely discuss all the details with the supervisor. Sometimes, if you ask him how to write an introduction to a thesis correctly, he may indicate the need to list the main chapters, paragraphs, sections with a brief content or the main idea. But this is not for all jobs and industries.

And now in more detail about each of these points.

The relevance of the graduation project

The relevance of the thesis is to clarify the degree of its modernity, vitality, importance, urgency.

If it is simpler to say, then the relevance of the research topic of the thesis is the argument in favor of why it was necessary to conduct research on the chosen topic. The relevance of this thesis may be due to many factors and reflect the theoretical significance of the research in the thesis.

The optimal volume of the description of the relevance of the graduation project is one and a half sheets, not more (an example can be found just below).

However, if you are completely confused and do not know how to determine the relevance of the thesis, ask the supervisor for help. He will tell you how to do this, as well as how to increase the relevance of the thesis, highlighting among many other information.

Goal and tasks

The goal helps to understand what the student wanted to achieve with his research, what end result he was trying to achieve.

Tasks help find a way to achieve the goal. Usually each task is described in a separate chapter of the thesis. Tasks are described with the help of the words: reveal, reveal, develop, systematize, analyze, clarify, and so on.

Usually 4-5 tasks are enough to write an introduction.

The object and subject of study

Many still confuse the concept of object and subject of research of the thesis.

The subject of research shows how we will know the object. Each object of the graduation project contains several subjects of study. Here is a good example of a thesis project: one can be considered as such. In this case, the subject of study is his skin. There are many other items (internal organs, lymphatic system, gastrointestinal tract, etc.), but in this case we will be interested only in his skin.

Research methods

Research methods are methods of cognition of an object. Regardless of the topic and scope in any graduation the method of analysis of regulatory documents, analysis of literature, analysis of documents will be used.

Scientific and practical significance

Scientific novelty is determined on the basis of the nature and essence of the chosen subject. It will have to be formulated differently in cases of writing a theoretical thesis and a practical thesis.

The scientific novelty of the theoretical work will be determined by what the new student is trying to bring to the subject of research. In the thesis of practical orientation, novelty is determined by the results obtained for the first time, updated data in the previously established scientific ideas.

Practical significance follows from the scientific novelty, causing the need to write the work. To identify practical significance means to determine the results that must be achieved. Theoretical and practical significance in the thesis – 2 mandatory aspects of this type of work.

Research hypothesis

The hypothesis of a thesis project is the intended result that we want to achieve by writing a thesis, the theoretical significance of the thesis.

It can be expressed as follows: this can be achieved provided that …; will be carried out effectively in the presence of …; creation will provide … etc

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