The protection of the graduation project will depend to a large extent on how beautifully and competently you present the material. In this sense, a presentation is not just a work with slides, but also a report. Subject to its competent development will depend on how carefully you will listen, as well as the final grade.

So, it is important not only to be able to choose the necessary information for the presentation, but also its qualitative presentation to the audience. And here are the general requirements for the design of presentations, compliance with which will help you get the coveted thesis.

Basic rules for the presentation: make up speech

For the presentation of their thesis, students are usually given 10 minutes. You should not exceed this limit if you want to own the attention of listeners to the end.

The report should contain concise theses, reflecting the main stages of the work performed. Try to observe the following sequence of actions:

  • greeting;
  • title of the work;
  • description of the goals and objectives of the work;
  • degree of elaboration and relevance of the study;
  • description of the progress of work;
  • conclusions and results;
  • thanks to the listeners.

Before performance the report it is necessary to rehearse at home. Each person has a different timbre and speed of speech. To invest at a specified time, you need to dictate the work with a stopwatch.

During the presentation, try not to use obscure terms and too clever phrases. Listeners can ask to explain their concept, and this takes additional time from the total presentation time.

And another tip: do not neglect such a procedure as pre-defense. This is your unique opportunity to rehearse your speech, to preliminarily explore the place where protection will be held, and also to cope with the upcoming excitement.

The main requirements for the presentation: technical points

PowerPoint is a great tool designed to ease the already difficult work of graduates to prepare a presentation. With this program you can easily perform the following actions:

  • Create slides and manipulate them.
  • Insert text into slides.
  • Give greater visibility through the use of illustrations.
  • For more convincing use of graphs, tables, formulas.
  • Give a special touch thanks to a rich background selection.
  • Manipulate text size, type and color.

However, with all this, too, do not overdo it. Too bright text will tire listeners. Do not forget – teachers listen to 10-15 presentations per day. And if each student will focus on the visual side of protection, after the first student, students will lose interest in everyone else.

A few days before the proposed protection, adjust the automatic slide change. By adjusting the time of the slide show, you can fully rely on the technique and not depend on the requests of colleagues who have to change the image on each stroke of your pointer.

Each chart, table, graph should have its own names and sequence numbers.

Features of the presentation handout

If you plan to use important graphic information with a lot of data in the presentation, it is better to prepare handouts for the audience in advance. Commission members will be able to get to know your research more closely, with data from tables, graphs, diagrams, without interrupting you during a speech.

Ideally, try to print out the entire presentation for the commission members so that teachers can follow your thoughts without being distracted by the technical side.

Even if the printed version will completely duplicate the information from the slides, it will help to improve the perception of your report.

Not everyone has the proper skills and abilities to use special presentation programs. And if you are sorely lacking time to prepare it, the best is to ask for help from experienced specialists who will help you in a short time to complete the presentation to the thesis.

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