Are You Experiencing the Literature Review Phase of Your Research?

There are two common types of research phases in any research paper. These include; a literature review and an experimental research. A literature review is conducted to comprehensively summarize your study findings. It focuses on recent literature related to your area of study. Your findings may then be identified from these sources.

On the other hand, an experimental research is conducted to test a hypothesis. The researchers find new information to support their hypothesis. They must collect relevant information from the available materials. A researcher is not limited on the number of sources that they may collect in their research.

Is It Required to Outline the Literature Review Phase of Your Research?

The literature review phase may appear to be lengthy. However, it does not exceed ten pages. Even though it may be extensive, you should not find a limit to the information that you may write. The following are some of the factors that may make you write your research paper exhaustively.

  • You may find you have a tight time frame.
  • Exhaustive research may result in endless research.
  • You will overload your brain.
  • As a writer, you may feel suffocated by the research.

How Long Should a Literature Review Be?

Depending on your topic, your literature review may contain different information. However, your central concerns should be the same throughout the length of the review. Wherever you write, try to find a single central theme to tie all the different pieces together. Note that the length of the literature review is tied to the length of the research.

Are Research Articles Can Be Outlined in a Few Sections?

A research article is a long article because of the lack of time allocated to research it. You will always have additional research to conduct. You are limited to ten pages of research. This makes the research phase appear even longer. When researching, you can reduce your research time to fit all the vital aspects of your research. In addition to that, outline the major points in the research.

Are There Any Examples of Research Outline?

Outline your research to help you formulate the overall structure of the entire research. It helps you to understand how the whole research works. Outline your research also allows you to divide the research into sections. This helps you in organizing the information systematically. Outline also helps you to know the most appropriate points to use in your research. Do not assume that the literature review contains all the sources.

Your research paper must contain all the necessary data required to complete the writing process. Where you are required to outline your research, try to look for sections that may contain your data. The following are some of the strategies that may aid in finding the right information.

  1. Use the strategy of checking all the websites for recent publications related to your topic. It would help if you also find other, unpublished publications that may shed more insight into your topic.
  2. Check the referenced works to find publications and books related to the topic. They may hold data that you did not include in the original literature review.

Your research paper should not be too complicated. Take your time in writing it. Lastly, take your time to proofread your work to ensure it is error-free.

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