What Is Mobile Legends?

This is one of the most trending video games online. The game features a multi-player platform where the players can battle each other in the field. The opponents fight to destroy each other’s environment but, at the same time, protect their home and find essay on stereotype. The aim of the game is mostly to defeat your opponent. It seems simple right? Just a bunch of kids playing a video game to fight each other.

First, the game’s characters are all Asian, and most people argue that the battle field is also Asian. Mobile Legends Bang Bang is one of the most played updates of this game. A lot of kids find it interesting because they fight each other as a team. Each team containing five members, one to defend their post, another one as the snipper etc. the winning team gets a price against the losing team.

There have been a lot of discussions on whether video games are beneficial or not. The issue with the growth of technology is, you never really get to win such an argument. But what are the most positive effects of playing such a game?

  • It encourages teamwork

As stated earlier, the game is played in teams. This means that the five team members have to work together and help each other protect their home and defeat their enemy. This encourages the players to work with other people, even in real life, especially if they want to achieve the same goal.

  1. It’s a source of physical exercise.

The players are always encouraged to practice and improve their skills. It’s no lie that you could find children outside with fake weapons just fighting each other as in the game. Such moments encourage them to be fast runners and have accuracy and good aim. This kind of physical exercise is right for their bodies.

  1. Challenges the brain

It helps the players to brainstorm on ideas they could use to defeat each other. For example, they could decide to split and attack or stay together and wait for the enemy. The players did choose to work on a particular tactic and analysed the effects of employing such a move.

  1. Source of enjoyment

This is a common reason why people play games to have fun. They battle with each other for as long as they can, enjoying the moment until a winner survives rather than doing things like sleep or day dreaming.

There are also a few adverse effects of playing such a game, that is;

  1. Negative Effect

Such a game has a theme that encourages violence. Even though players work together, they do it for power. For example, the graphics of such fun, the clothing of the characters and the environment may encourage immoral behaviour, especially to young kids.

  1. Addictive

It is tough to stop playing a game even after a winner survived. The players realize they have so much time to play, and they keep going on. The game has a virtual platform for kids to play even when they are not together, and you may find them up all night just trying to defeat each other. Such a game discourages people from engaging in other building activities. It even affects the social life of kids who grow up playing the.

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